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AutoGive is 100% Free for the person receiving the money because Group Members cover all fees

Why it works

People passing an envelope. Private, invite-only groups

Private, invite-only groups

Like any online invitation, your group is available to only those you invite.

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Automatic monthly giving

Predictable monthly donations with weekly deposits to the recipient.

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Simple group messaging

Provide updates to group members and coordinate any extra assistance.

Collect monthly donations for…

Not all causes should be out there for the world to see

When things are personal, privacy matters.

That's why people trust AutoGive's invite-only approach to monthly group fundraising.

Every day there are thousands of families and friends coming together to support one another on an ongoing, monthly basis.

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By creating an invite-only group for yourself or someone you care about, you’re helping to meet critical monthly expenses while avoiding the public pressure of social media.

AutoGive also works great for teachers, students, volunteers, coaches and athletes. Supportive groups thrive here.

Help support the causes that matter most and make a difference in someone's life today.

What impact will you make?

Common Questions

But first, some terms we use...

Group Organizer - The person who creates the group.

Group Members - Invited individuals who make monthly donations to the group.

Recipient - The person receiving the money from the group.

How do I invite people to my group?

AutoGive makes it easy to compose your own invitation via text message or email from your own device. This means you won’t need to remember everyone’s contact info.

How do members of my group make a monthly donation?

Simple! We support Apple Pay, Google Pay, or using a credit / debit card to make a monthly donation to your group.

How do I, or someone I invite actually receive the money?

When you create your group, we’ll ask you for the name and contact info of the person who will be receiving the monthly donations (even if it’s you).

Then, the Recipient of the money will be invited to securely add their banking info so they can begin to receive a weekly deposit. The total of all weekly deposits is equal to the amount of donations that the group collects each month.

Does the Recipient of the money get charged any fees?

No! The Recipient recieves 100% of a Group Member’s monthly donation. To make this possible, Group Members cover the payment processing, payout and platform subscription fees.

What fees do Group Members pay?

Group members are charged a card processing & payout fee equivalent to 3.25% + $0.30 of each month’s total charges.

AutoGive does charge each Group Member $1 per week to use the service. This small fee helps support our team and is billed as $4 per month.

Learn more about Fees and how your total monthly payment is calculated here.

We think you’ll find our service very helpful and the low fees well worth the price.

Can I use AutoGive in my country?

The Recipient of the Group's monthly donations will need to have a valid United States Social Security Number. Support for more countries is coming soon!

Group Members donating monthly can be located in almost any country that uses either credit or debit cards.

What about taxes?

While we’re not Certified Public Accounts (CPA) and cannot offer tax advice, receiving a financial gift/donation in the U.S. from another person is generally not considered income and is not taxed as income.

Please consult your financial advisor to determine whether gifts received will impact your eligibility to other income or assistance programs.

Additionally, in the U.S. an individual can give up to $18,000 per year to another individual without requiring any tax filings. This amount increases to $36,000 per year for gifts from married couples to an individual. This is called ‘The Annual Gift Tax Exclusion’.

Donations made on AutoGive are considered personal gifts and are not tax deductible.

How do I, or the recipient access the donations collected?

When you create your group, we’ll ask you for the name and contact information of the person who will be receiving the monthly donations (even if it’s you).

Then, the recipient of the money will be invited to securely add their banking details so they can begin to receive a weekly deposit. Each weekly deposits is equal to the full amount of money that the group collects that week.

I still have a question…

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